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Crazy code snippets

I’m not a out and out coder, but I fiddle, if I come across any awesome code snippets, I’ll dump them here

The modern SEO’s Toolkit by @willcritchlow #searchlove

Marketing with computers!

If you’re not learning the technical things, your job’s in danger from the upcoming kids who are

Our ability to use APIs, scrapers, multiple tools is going to be super-critical.

Will’s going to be talking not about tools, but about the skills that you need and how you can by them and how you can use them to be better at your job, very much about the toolkids and not the tools.

“Expect the output of every program to become the input to another, as yet, unknown program” Doug Mcllroy – Basics of unix philosophy

Will’s going to describe an SEO challenge and the tools that they used to do it….Awesome!! Continue reading

Using dynamic keywords in Google Adwords landing pages to increase clickthrough, quality score and reduce CPC.

Now, before I start this post, let me make it perfectly clear. I am not a PPC expert, I am through and through an Organic SEO but occasionally I end up setting up the odd PPC campaign or two and I think this is probably one of the coolest things you can do with adwords so I thought I’d share.

It’s possible to create dynamic Google adverts containing your keywords, this is fairly common knowledge but let’s go over it just so we all know we’re on the same page.

The syntax for Google AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion is {keyword: }

You can also use the following capitalisation on the work ‘keyword’ to get different effects:

  • keyword – no capitalisation
  • Keyword – First word is capitalised
  • KeyWord – Every Word Is Capitalised
  • KEYword – EVERY letter in first word is capitalised
  • KEYWord – LIKE Above But With Each Word Capitalised

Make sure you put a generic “catch all” phrase after the : so make sure it shows something if your keyword string is too long for example {keyword:Jim Is Awesome}.

Now, here’s the very clever part and what separates the PPC men from the boys or the PPC Women from the girls.

Continue reading

Some of my favourite #htaccess snippets Part 1

There’s a lot of these out there, but rather than go through them all….these are some of my favourites.

If you’re an SEO worth your salt….Chances are you’ve had to forward a few things around. If you’re running on an apache server, this means you have the exquisite beauty of htaccess and mod rewrite to help you do it, if you’re not and you’re still learning, great, here are a few to get you started :-) Continue reading