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I tweeted a lot during #linklove

Now, I know I tweet a lot during events, particularly if I’m not live blogging the event, but I have to confess, I didn’t realise it was enough to put me into an infographic. Created by the good folk at Geekyscribbles, it shows which sessions at linklove had the most online dicussion as well as who the top tweeters were. I consistently think that the Distilled events are the best SEO/inbound marketing events in the UK with a good mix of insight, learning, new tools and actionable tips. This was the last linklove ever, probably because our mission as SEOs is changing from getting links by any means possible to getting the right links through providing good content.

And, as I appear on said infographic, it would be rude not to post it on my blog (with appropriate link love of course).

LinkLove - The Inevitable Infographic

Courtesy of: GeekyScribbles

There was a lot to take away from linklove, and as I was apparently too busy tweeting to my peers to write it all down, here are some of the best round-ups by those who were taking more notes than I was:

Koozai – Over 100 Amazing Tips from Linklove 2013

Strategy Internet Marketing – 152 Actionable Tips From Distilled’s linklove 2013 (PS – Love the animated gifs on this page)

State of Search – The Future Of Link Building, Will Critchow at Linklove

State of Search – Small Business SEO for £350 A Month, Ade Lewis

As I said, this was the last Linklove, but that doesn’t mean that Distilled is finished in the event business. We have Searchlove to look forward to in October and I’ll hopefully see you all there.

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