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The laziest SEO Spam email I’ve ever read! #fail

I have just seen the most laughably lazy SEO spam ever.



This is Baldwin Dsuja from an SEO company based in India. I was going through your website and I see website is very niche. However it is not ranking anywhere, for your industry keywords. I see your competitors are ranking very well due to right SEO strategy and you are losing business because of low visibility on Internet.

We are having a special offer for you on the occasion of Christmas. To let this offer and make your Christmas more special by availing more sales for your business come to us.

If you are interested in getting your website rank higher please reply me on this email with the list of keywords and domain which you want to target. I will send you free detailed analysis report of your website.

Looking forward for your earliest response.


Baldwin Dsuja

How wonderfully lazy is this, he was apparently going though my website, checked my rankings for my industry keywords and all that competitor research.

Yet right at the end, he asks what domain and keywords I’m looking to target…..but surely he knew all that due to all the “research” he’s done

major fail

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