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My geeky tattoo – the original Google PageRank equation

I’ve posted it on Twitter, but I thought it deserved a post all of its own!

I have 3 tattoos, a Celtic dragon on my left arm, a large pinup on my right shoulder, but I decided I wanted a new one, something that showed my love of my profession, and my extremely geeky side.

So after a lot of research, I decided I wanted something Google related, but not something tacky like the logo, so I went searching and wondered what the original PageRank equation looked like, what originally made Google tick. I eventually found an old presentation online from the Stanford website which was done by Sergey and Larry, and there it was, a mathematical representation of what made Google originally tick. With Google updating its algorithm nearly 600 times a year, as well as being a lot more private about the changes it makes, going for something more modern made no sense, so I thought go right back to the beginning, to the one that changed the way people searched online forever.


So, I recreated it in photoshop, and sat on it for nearly half a year, any tattoo is a big decision, it’s with you for life! Then I checked with Bill Slawski, the man who knows more than anyone else I know about the mathematics of Google, to make sure it was right.

Eventually, I sent it to my tattoo studio of choice, the amazing Golden Dragon in Chester, made the appointment, and took the plunge. Took about an hour in the chair with the very talented Craig, and there it was, the Google PageRank equation on my arm and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. There’s a saying in our profession, SEO for life. I am now officially an SEO for life!


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