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Incoming links from spammy websites can harm your rankings. #seo

There’s a lot of talk on the internet that you are judged by the company you keep, the concept of being involved in a bad neighbourhood would harm your rankings, may even get you banned from Google. There’s talk of roving gangs of marauding black hat SEO’s threatening to Googlebowl your site by linking to it from thousands or millions of bad neighbourhoods. So the question is, is this a truth or a myth, can other people harm your website simply by linking to it?

Of course it’s another big stinking myth.

Repeat after me:

No incoming link can harm your website’s rankings!

Whether that link comes from a paid source, a dodgy source, a legitimate source, a porn site, a viagra site, a gaming site, thousands of comment spam links. No matter what dodgy link getting method that is used, the worst thing that will happen is that Google will simply discount that link in your backlink profile.

  • The concept of Googlebowling although often talked about has not been proven, no high quality sites have been successfully bowled out of the rankings.
  • To successfully bowl a site out of Google would require more than incoming spammy links
  • It would require:
    • Millions of incoming spammy links created very quickly
    • Millions of hidden doorway pages created very quickly
    • Website cloaking and other black hat tricks

It would cost upwards of $100k to successfully Googlebowl a site and if the site has any authority whatsoever, it would be impossible.

2 Responses to Incoming links from spammy websites can harm your rankings. #seo

  • Chi says:

    Thanks for the great blogs, I’ve just bought an interest in a small business and thought it would be beneficial to learn the right way to promote it. I thought I knew a little about SEO but most if what I believed to be good practice isn’t and your explanations as to why were very informative. Keep up the good work :)

  • Jim Seward says:

    Just thought I better update this:

    Since the Google Penguin update, it has become possible to harm other people’s rankings via sending poor, spammy, bought or otherwise undesirable links to their website. That said however, I maintain that although possible, it’s still a very difficult thing to do to harm someone else’s rankings this way

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